Eric Copeland – Ms Pretzel EP

eric copeland

Ms Pretzel is a 4 track, 20-minute EP of brand new material by Eric Copeland (Black Dice, Terrestrial Tones). This is Eric’s return to DFA after the release of an acclaimed single on Ron Morelli’s underground dance juggernaut L.I.E.S., which followed his beloved 2013 album “Joke In The Hole”, his solo debut for DFA. The music on Ms Pretzel most certainly continues to break new sonic ground, a process which has gradually unfolded over the last few years via many prior works on seminal underground labels such as Underwater Peoples, Escho, Post Present Medium, and Catsup Plate, among many others. Ms Pretzel takes Eric’s outsider fascination with 4/4 dance music and twists it yet again. It is the sound of Eric Copeland throwing a wobbly dance party in a junkyard. DFA could not be more excited to host this gritty event.

The EP can streamed in full here via DFA’s online store.

Ms Pretzel
Scum of the Cream

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