Max Cooper – Voyage Through the Analogue Womb

max cooper

Ahead of the release of Max Cooper‘s latest solo effort, Kindred EP, you can stream EP cut “Voyage Through the Analogue Womb” via XLR8R below. The EP is complete with remixes from Throwing Snow and Innervisions affiliate David August and will drop on December 1st 2014 on London’s Fields label.

“Can you give me 10 minutes of your life with headphones on and eyes closed if I promise it will be worth it? Full time back guarantee – if you decide it wasn’t worth it, I will personally issue you with a 10 minute time voucher to be recouped at a moment of your choosing, at which point 10 extra minutes will be added to your day.

It’s a bit of a retro scifi synth track this one, with lots of classic pads and drums combined in with some more modern touches in the clicks and details, but it needs time to develop to get it’s proper effect, so that’s why I’ve given my totally realistic and achievable time back guarantee.”

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