Pink Feathers – Invisible Lines EP


Delicate and divine, Pink Feathers (aka Liz Anjos) is the Hepburn of indie pop. A penchant for songwriting and performing throughout her life has finally taken full form as Liz prepares her solo endeavor Pink Feathers and her debut EP.

The past has seen Liz collaborating with Andre Anjos of RAC on a series of saccharine covers, including the 90s woefully pop favorite “Lovefool” by The Cardigans, followed by her first original single “In A Spell,” an inspired blend of pop and songwriting whose free release brought the first colors to Pink Feathers.

Close to a year later, Pink Feathers follows up with her EP (produced by RAC) that introduces indie electronic elements to cohesive four-track collection, Invisible Lines. Dipping in and out of tempo and melody, Invisible Lines acts to accelerate the momentum gained from “In A Spell” with a handful of singles that brandish vocal prowess as gracefully as technical dexterity.

Below you can stream the two EP tracks, “Ghosts” and “Keep Pretending”. “Invisible Lines” is out on December 2nd 2014.

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