Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ – Courtesy EP


The next exciting musical excursion on Circle Music sees the Mannheim based multi-tasking DJ/Producer/A&R/Label Boss, Alex Flatner, once again teaming up with his super-talented label friend and colleague LOPAZZ. This thrilling duo has already released their superb tracks on influential labels such as Cocoon, Pokerflat and Get Physical. Now, in 2014, they are focusing on their true home, Circle Music.

LOPAZZ and Alex Flatner lock themselves in the studio at every available opportunity, developing their musical masterpieces and every once in a while a highly interesting taste of their creative juices emerges – “Freedom Of My Heart” (Circle Music), “Our Love” (Get Physical) and “Purpose” (Circle Music), are all excellent recent examples of their uncanny studio chemistry together.
Here, “Courtesy” conjures up the spirits of the best Chicago House tracks from the mid ‘80’s and channels all that glorious energy into a suitably twisted futuristic acidic delight. “We’re No Good” tunes into a similar vibe with some original Electro styling and vocal snippets, to equally great effect. For “Discsid” they join forces with Canada’s Voytek Korab (from My Favorite Robot) for a seriously hypnotic, dramatically bass heavy, vocalized experiment that is perhaps the icing on the cake for this immense 3-track package. Please note that this release will also be pressed on black 12” vinyl for all those classical DJs out there!

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