Video: Red Snapper – Mambety (DJ Food Remix)

Mambety4000 red snapper

Following up the Hyena album – without a doubt Red Snapper’s best and most favourably received album in ages – comes an amazingly atmospheric re-rub of ‘Mambety’ from the one and only DJ Food. A cinematic tour de force that takes the original’s vocal and underpins it with deep sonorous strings and warm analog textures to create a late night classic that’s impossible to resist.

The accompanying video for Red Snapper’s “Mambety (DJ Food Remix) follows a a young boy who stumbles upon a trail of money while playing at the park. After spending his newfound loot on Nerf guns, fake blood and a clown mask, he carelessly basks in a “fool’s paradise”, enjoying his toys and the outdoors. Little does he know that something sinister lurks just around the corner, as the owner of the stolen funds is set on having every dollar returned…no matter the cost.

“Mambety” was directed by Danielle Callesen, a filmmaker and freelance writer who relishes in exploring dark and unusual themes. Her most recent feature, Make Them Disappear, a found footage film about a young boy who mysteriously finds himself home alone after viewing a strange object in the night sky, is making the direct-to-video rounds and features music by Red Snapper member Rich Thair. With a number of new projects in development, she is eager to delve into bolder subject matter and continue to collaborate with the equally rebellious, innovative and genre pushing Red Snapper.

Taken from Red Snapper’s Mambety EP. Check the new album Hyena on Lo Recordings.

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