Robot Koch – Let Me feat. Curtain Blue and Born in Flamez

robot koch

Robot Koch’s debut EP for Monkeytown brings the intense, emotional soundscapes of one of Germany’s most talented producers to Modeselektor’s homebase.

For the release with Monkeytown, Robot has compressed  the united forces of his and various friends into 5 driven tracks that show a yet unheard readyness for the dancefloor. Surely the re – locating to LA influenced the approach to this ingenious recor; The textures have become even more dense, with each sound ripened to perfection under the california sun. The tiniest detail in this clockwork of an EP seems like a precision instrument. Even in its most delicate moments, where a track is laid bare to let one single sound fill all the room, everything is in its perfect place. There´s no questions why Robot Koch just won the german composer award as “best electronic composer of the year.” This young man is so in control of his elements that it seems he would be able to make almost everything.

“Tsuki” features 5 accurately crafted pieces, all of them dark but beautiful, all of them heartfelt but cool, all of them inclined to a straighter bassdrum but still far away from four to the floor.

The EP also features a bunch of collaborators from different camps from all over the world. Indian producer and singer Curtain Blue (The Circus) coproduced  “Let Me” and “Erase”, the mysterious Born in Flamez, who was also featured on the Modeselektion compilation earlier this year, lends some captivating vocal textures to the first track and upcoming german singer May gives “September”,  a touch of soul.

“Night Drive” and “Every Motion” feature LA based producer “schwarzmodul” whose dark and subversive sounds we will most certainly hear more about in the near future. This record is sexy and moving, contagious and ultra clean. It is gorgeous and it can dance well. It might be one of our 2015 favorites already.

“TSUKI” will be released January 30th 2015 via Monkeytown Records. Stream “Let Me” below.

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