Tendts – I Met A Girl (Bandrop LIVE Session)


Bordeleau is a collaborative initiative of creative professionals, who work independently and together, as a unique creative community. Apart from the bar, the co-op includes the bdl design factory (workshop & showroom) and two creative offices (graphic designers monoscopic and moving & still photography studio senselens). Most of the space and furniture are designed and built in-house, while the cocktail menu mostly includes signature cocktails, mixed by Larry White, member of bordeleau’s team and resident mixologist extraordinaire.

Greek duo Tendts‘ (aka brothers Fotis and Christos Papadakis) sound, combining bass atmospheres with organic performance, is very much in tune with bordeleau’s industrial space and grassroots philosophy. Their latest release with Berlin-based label Project Mooncricle has brought them alongside some of the most interesting emerging European electro artists. “I Met A Girl” uses loops as building materials that, added one on top of the other, construct an overwhelming soundscape. We watch them add sound upon sound upon sound and we almost become hypnotised by the repetitive palindromic image captured by the go-pros adjusted on their bodies. We don’t only see what they see, we move with them, perhaps unwillingly, as they perform this laborious creative task. Who said that Meeting a Girl has ever been easy? (L.C.)

Tendts’s Accept Failure As Part Of The Process LP is still available on their Bandcamp page.

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