Jacques Greene – After Life After Party EP


LuckyMe are proud to present ‘After Life After Party’, a brand new 4 track EP by Jacques Greene in association with a forthcoming headline show at The Roundhouse in London this Halloween (tickets here).

Since his move from Montreal to Manhattan this year – Jacques Greene hasn’t stood still. From the release of the stellar “Phantom Vibrate” EP in April he has undertaken worldwide DJ touring with his downtime ensconced in his Greenpoint studio working on his debut full length.


On ‘After Life After Party’ – in contrast to an identity he’s built by use of traditional analogue synthesiers and drum machines – here Greene employs the digital to high effect – still present are the signature, layered 707 rim shots and techno homages, but this record is born entirely out of cheap Trance presets. The outcome is a more synthetic, dryer Jacques Greene than we’re used to – but in that half time counterpoint and bitter-sweet lead-poly melody we still find that intangible euphoria and echoes of R&B that most identify Greene.

The B-side, 1 4 Me, brings a punching slab of modern house, driven but short decay filtered stabs and thick ghostly vocal samples above a 909 kick. Below, you can stream the official video, a film about consumer fetishism and Nike TN dipping, directed by Melissa Matos (Trusst).

Also included are two exemplary remixes of ‘After Life After Party’ – minimalist southern rap producer Suicideyear follows up his recent EP on Software with a more playful fusion of smoked-out Louisiana rap and SoSoDef booty electro. Scottish house producer Sei A continues an exemplary run of releases with his flip on our A-side – an anthem for after hours.

1. After Life, After Party
2. 1 4 Me
3. After Life, After Party (Suicideyear Remix)
4. After Life, After Party (Sei A Remix)

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