Bam Spacey – 1998 LP

bam spacey

After releasing a string of 12″s over the past two years, Malmö’s Swedish producer Bam Spacey returns to Brooklyn’s Ceremony (US) and Luxury (Scandinavia) with his debut full-length, 1998. Swedish moniker of Magnus Johansson, the project’s gripping return includes lead single “Upplyst” as well as the lush “Delar Av En Historia (2002)“.

Following last summer’s much adored single “River” and 2012’s debut Land EP, the project showcases it’s most sophisticated material to date. The new collection of tracks from Bam Spacey flow like weightless glitter on it’s shining exterior with prismatic, crystalline beats at its core. Straying from typical Scandinavian pop styles, Johansson demands attention to his meticulous production and futuristic technique.

The artist born Magnus Johansson has delivered his most self-assured and fully realized music to date across a nine-song tracklist—pulling from the touchstones of Balearic and ambient genres, and seamlessly incorporating house and techno ideas into a minimal pop format with his cosmic touch. Singles such as “Upplyst” and “Delar Av En Historia (2002)” present the latest iteration of Bam Spacey’s sound like a diamond in stasis, all weightless glitter on the exterior and prismatic, crystalline impenetrability at its core.

1998 fulfills a previously hinted addition to the Bam Spacey project: Vanja Hultberg joining Johansson on a large part of the album, providing a sleek contrast to Johansson’s delivery which effectively filled the sparse, outer-space dimensions of his debut EP Land and its follow up, River. The collaboration comes full circles with 1998 as we’re presented with a love letter to pop music penned by Johansson. Bam Spacey’s most driven productions to date are guided by the duo’s vocals through lyrics based upon distant, oftentimes forgotten, memories that are forced to come out and into the light as they ultimately shape the person you are meant to be.

Get it here.

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