Video: Basement Jaxx – We Are Not Alone


Music featured on the UK electronic music duo Basement Jaxx‘s critically acclaimed seventh studio album “Junto” draws inspiration from all sorts of places. Just take, for example, “Mermaid of Salinas,” inspired by a night on the beach, and “Power To the People” featuring Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra of Catuera who make and play instruments out of recycled garbage.

For their latest video “We Are Not Alone,” which is premiering today (September 17th 2014), the duo of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, turn to the last frontier–space.

I saw it from the studio. It was a bright, sunny afternoon in London and I saw a flying saucer. Luckily I was with someone else at the time, so people can’t think I’m barking crazy,” the Jaxx’ Felix Buxton to Korina Lopez of USA TODAY (August 26th 2014). “For me, seeing that UFO opened my eyes, made me think more about looking for the meaning in things, and thinking about my music and purpose. I believe in ghosts and angels and UFOs. It’s up to you if you do, too.”

Basement Jaxx are known for their colorful videos, but “We Are Not Alone” is different. Filmed in black and white, it features the duo with their live band shot in stop motion, interspersed with clips of space shuttles blasting off into space. Directed by Cyrill Oberholzer.

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