Cooly G – Wait ‘Til Night LP


Cooly G returns with “Wait ‘Til Night” an album of sensitive, lo-fi bedroom music. Lyrics sketch out dreamy scenarios of seduction, lust and sex. The moody south London house of her debut ‘Playin Me’ and her DJ sets has given way to a near horizontal, sometimes melancholy and highly original take on Rn’B. The tracks swing effortlessly with no-fuss musical arrangements that are filtered through reggae sound system culture and US RnB in equal amounts, with a slight hint of dark synthpop wound through the album. The pace has come down from the deep, tribal house she’s know for so far, with the only constants that run through the album, her intimate vocals and smokey synths cross hatched with her broken rhythmic sense.

Starting off with Title track – ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ Cooly coos about a date, over an infectious synth lead that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Depeche Mode song. ‘Like A Woman should’ is twilight music, synths roll out like clouds over pulsing, drums, while the vocals whisper invitations. ‘Your Sex’ is a fantasy with synths and surprisingly stabbing, hooky and distorted rhythm guitar. ‘I like’ feels like the opening of an especially dreamy jungle track stretched into a full pop song. ‘Dancing’ rolls out drums and a mini guitar figure into a gently dizzy waltz, while ‘Quick Question’ plays out the scenario after the dance. ‘Want’s’ barely there song structure, of drum and occasional bass, with a wiry synth lead is accompaniment to an near whispered vocal. The pace steps up with the smoldering ‘So Deep’, with a deep synth bassline and a muscular hip hop beat. ‘1st time’ is all depth charge bleeps, guitars and piano. ‘Freak You’ is spacious and guitar driven, with Cooly beaming in directives through a distant voice transmission. The album’s final honest, angry and forlorn track ‘3 of Us’, comes down hard on an absent parent, a full stop on the romance that the album narrates. It also reveals the Cooly G as a skilled rap artist something she’s kept hidden until now, with double-time flows casting off an absent babyfather.

“Wait Til Night” casts her net wider than her debut album, with songs that are more confident, accessible and stylistically consistent. The album comes laced with Cooly’s unique honesty and charm and is sure to win her new fans with her catchy melodies, slow-jammed stories of blighted urban romance and lack of pretension.

Cooly G’s Wait ‘Til Night LP will drop on October 20th 2014 on Hyperdub.

01. Wait ‘Til Night
02. Like a Woman Should
03. Your Sex
04. I Like
05. Dancing
06. A Quick Question
07. Want
08. So Deep
09. 1st Time
10. Freak You
11. Fuck with You
12. The 3 of Us

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