Shura – Just Once (HONNE Remix) / Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me (Shura Remix)


London-based 23-year-old Aleksandra Denton aka Shura has premiered the first remix of her second track, ‘Just Once‘, via acclaimed new duo Honne – whose debut single, ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, has already reached #1 on Hype Machine and will be released via Super Recordings on September 1st 2014.

Following breakout moment ‘Touch‘, Shura’s second track – ‘Just Once’ – is more upbeat but no less melancholic, mixing a love of Janet Jackson with the intricate productions of Warpaint, or the effortless groove of early Madonna – all carried by Shura’s velvet-like vocals. Lyrically, ‘Just Once’ is in many ways a prequel to the break-up blog-anthem that was ‘Touch’: it’s a snapshot of a relationship which isn’t working, and imagines being swept up with someone new, where you can be whoever you want to be. Full of sensuality and self-doubt – “If you get my name wrong / I won’t get pissed off / ‘Cos I wish I was somebody else” – Shura again achieves the immediately-recognisable, ghost-like quality of a shared romantic experience: ‘Just Once’ is that dual sensation of fresh attraction, mixed with the memory of meeting past loves.

A performer, producer, remixer and video editor, Shura was born in Moscow to a Russian actress (who made a cameo in ‘Mission Impossible’) and an English documentary filmmaker. Whilst her early demos started at University in London, Shura’s passion for music came via her brother, who would DJ drum-and-bass at the weekends, and installed an early love of electronic music in his sister. Keen to impress him, Shura began building her own songs, refining her production skills and immersing herself in the textured sounds of Massive Attack or Blood Orange. Her songwriting found its focus in South America, where Shura worked in The Amazon for an extended period after her studies – contemplating past relationships, future music, and walking pumas.

Shura has since emerged as one of the brightest new talents of the year – and not just once. She’s also just remixed Jessie Ware’s new single, ‘Say You Love Me’, which is somewhat starker than the original. Check it out below.

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