Video: Magnus – Singing Man feat. Thomas Smith


Upon its release in 2004, Magnus’ first album ‘The Body Gave You Everything’  immediately made waves across Europe. Here was something different : a dance project (self-described as ‘JJ Cale meets Kraftwerk’) led by dEUS frontman Tom Barman and techno pioneer C.J. Bolland (Camargue, Sugar is Sweeter, The Prophet…).

After the splash this debut had made Magnus fell silent. But although both founding members were busy with their own projects, they never stopped working together, and slowly but surely continued to exchange ideas.

Now, 10 years later, Magnus have announced ‘Where Neon Goes To Die’, their long awaited second album, which is set for release in September. Tom Smith (Editors), Mina Tindle,Tim Vanhamel, Selah Sue and Blaya (Buraka Som Sistema) are among the guest vocalists.

The first single off the upcoming album is ‘Singing Man’ featuring Tom Smith and you can check out an amazing montage of famous singing men above, which was made to this song by video artist Sander van de Pavert.

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