Radiohead – Nude (Stint Remix)


LA based producer STINT returns today after his highly successful and totally unexpected rendition of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast“. STINT is best known for his re-imagination’s of records, and in the sea of The Remix abyss he is leading his own way. While creating his own vibe and sound STINT manages to completely rework records in his favor, case and point his latest remix of Radiohead’s second single “Nude” off In Rainbows.

As Stint puts it, “Shit Man. Nude By Radiohead… What can you say?

It’s a very solitary track and a bit tragic. I wanted to mix to feel intimate. Almost every synth and drum is a manipulation of my voice and what I could find in the room on the day I made it. If all the elements sound real and exposed, I think it represents the lyrics… At least partly.”

Available for free download here.

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