Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy: 11 11 – My Heart

11 11

Here is the first single from Guy Gerber and Diddy‘s 11 11 project. A glimpse into the beating soul of the long-awaited 11 11 collaboration, “My Heart” is an intimate and intricate slice of the album’s electronic futurism, and an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

11 11 is a realization of worlds colliding, and “My Heart” embodies this disruption. From the early exchange of sultry bass and euphoric rhythm guitars, a rap to “invite the morning” followed by Diddy’s delicately distorted other worldly refrain of “In my heart, I’m scared,” to Gerber’s beautiful chorus of synths, “My Heart” sounds like nothing else. The track is an exploration of the conflicting forces that drew the two unique individuals together.

Guy and Diddy’s collaboration was not born out of opportunism, indeed it’s dismissive of the current main-stage malaise and was germinated before the electronic explosion. 11 11 is collaborative and combative – an expression of two outsized creative personalities unfettered, unfiltered, fearless, raw; and after four years of work, is here for your enjoyment. (via THUMP)

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