Soft as Snow – Glass Body

soft as snow

Norwegian duo Soft as Snow makes experimental pop for the interplanetary set, echoing the sounds of minimal wave and early Warp releases. Their approach to music making is hands-on; avoiding laptops in favour of analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, mixed with idiosyncratic vocals and heavily processed guitars. They’ll be releasing their debut EP, ‘Glass Body’, for Houndstooth on July 21st 2014.

Soft as Snow is Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen’s first electronic venture, yet their collaboration was initiated years ago through art related performances and projects – including creating their own utopic art and music festival in the Swedish forest, and performing at events in cities such as London (where they are now based) and Oslo.

The duo has invited Julie Born Schwartz to design the cover art for their EP, which also features a remix by Asher Levitas of Old Apparatus, Saa and Penny. Meanwhile, their first upcoming video for the track “Halo Heart,” created by Michael Crowe from Overshare Records, Penny and Mysterious Letters, is currently on display in DZIALDOV Gallery in Berlin.

Glass Body can be pre-ordered on 12″ (cut to heavyweight 180g vinyl by Matt Colton) from the Houndstooth store:

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