Jacques Greene – Phantom Vibrate Remixes EP

Jacques Greene released his 3 track “Phantom Vibrate” EP on April 28th 2014  to a pretty astounding reception. A club 12” that challenged new technology culminated in three consecutive headline events in his three most important cities: Montreal, New York & London. The run of shows felt like a landmark celebration for a young artist born of dance music by presenting rich and varied bills with likeminded artists to play alongside his own acclaimed hardware live shows. Now LuckyMe are very proud to present “Phantom Vibrate – Remixes” featuring four producers cherry picked by JG: Fort Romeau, Yung Gud, Area Forty One and Kit Grill.

London based producer/DJ Fort Romeau has released tracks on Ghostly/Spectral as well as last years excellent “Kingdoms” on 100% Silk with a style that references the classic Chicago house sound whilst still feeling dynamic and off the moment. His edit can be streamed in the player above.

Yung Gud is best known as the go-to producer (alongside Yung Sherman) for Swedish rap phenomenon Yung Lean. His remix sees a rare abandon of the Sad Boys aesthetic to go more uptempo than ever before. The emotive touches aren’t lost though, around behind Gud’s hard drum programming.

Kit Grill is a name to watch due his beautiful minimalist-referencing Get Me release in 2013, to his current NTS radio show. Jacques Greene was one of the biggest supporters of his early work, often drawing for Kit Grill to open his sets. Here he returns the gesture our way.

Last but not least – Area Forty One is the alias of Dutch producer Dennis Van Germent who has already released critically acclaimed records on both Delsin and it’s offshoot Ann Aimee.

Four remixes to reflect Jacques Greene’s taste, three launch events in the cities he considers home – The Phantom Vibrate has been a rare personal expression for the once enigmatic Jacques Greene as he slowly reconciled his introduction to the world as a faceless studio producer to become a fully fledged recording artist with his own skin. It’s going to be interesting to see where he heads next.

Out on May 30th 2014 on LuckyMe. Pre-order here.

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