Video: Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn – Out Of The Black

Last month, Neneh Cherry released her first album of new solo music since 1996’s ‘Man’ – a record recorded and mixed in 5 days by Four Tet played live with RocketNumberNine. This bold comeback was hailed as a creative reinvention and a jolting reminder of Neneh’s counter-cultural origins.

Now today on Noisey – she is revealing the first video supporting the album for lead single ‘Out Of The Black’ featuring fellow icon of Swedish pop Robyn. Both artists have been vocal about inspiring each other, with Robyn covering Neneh songs in her live shows. Hearing them harmonise and throw lines back and forth will be a dream come true for some music fans.

The video was created by artist Dario Vigorito a.k.a. 241-24-7 and features dissonant cut n’ paste imagery used to unsettling effect. With its ‘no compromise’ style, it stands in the lineage of great Neneh videos like ‘Buffalo Stance’ or ‘Manchild’.

But you need only check the history of Neneh putting a subversive foot forward and letting popular music catch up to work out the trajectory here. Growing up around Dad Don’s friends Miles Davis and Allen Ginsberg, she launched her solo career with a Falkland’s protest song called ‘Stop The War’. In the early 80 she was in the pioneering multi-ethnic anarchic post-punk group Rip, Rig + Panic, she brought hip-hop culture to a British audience with ‘Buffalo Stance’(redefining cool by performing pregnant on TOTPs) and had the first mammoth global hit to feature the Senegalese language Wolof with ‘7 Seconds’.

Now Neneh is emerging out of the black after 18 years with a vital blast of buzzing bold creativity.

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