Alien Alien – One By One EP [2014]

Parisian label Meant turns to Hugo Sanchez and Rodion in their Alien Alien guise, a little known side project that has released on their own label RoccoDisco and that has also featured on Get Physical back in 2012. The two originals from Alien Alien come with remixes by Rodion in solo mode, plus Red Axes.

Alien Alien have in fact found lots of favour with the international queer community thanks to their ‘Sambaca’ tune, released on Berlin’s Slowmotion label, and ‘The Nights’, on San Fran outlet Discaire, both of which came with truly freaky videos.

‘One by One’ is the first track and it is a very poised and well-paced bit of lo-down disco funk. Searching synths spray across the face of the dark, rubbery track as a male vocal repeats the title’s refrain. It’s the sort of slo-mo chugger the ALFOS crews will love and is filled with menace despite being a sparse track overall.

Rodion then goes solo for a remix and in doing so layers in even more unsettling intergalactic synths and curious alien details. The groove, too, is made more rubbery and supple and really sweeps you up.

‘Soter’ then ups the ante a little with an arpeggiated bassline, crystalline synths and all sorts of weird and wonderful voices. It’s deep but direct and has a solid, chunky groove at its somewhat dystopian core. The Red Axes remix is a more human and soulful affair with hip swinging claps, more arpeggiated lines and something of a classic jack feel to the raw drums.

This is a macho disco-tastic release from Meant that proves Alien Alien have many different sounds.

1. One By One (Original Mix)
2. One By One (Rodion Remix)
3. Soter (Original Mix)
4. Soter (Red Axes Remix)

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