WhoMadeWho – Hiding In Darkness

Copenhagen three-piece, WhoMadeWho have decided to give away ‘Hiding In Darkness’ from their forthcoming album, ‘Dreams‘ out onMarch 3. In their own words: ‘"Hiding in Darkness’ is inspired by a trip to Berghain, the legendary techno-club in Berlin. Grasping thoughts and feelings from that experience."  You can listen to it below.

In addition, WhoMadeWho have made a truly unique sound installation ahead of their album release. Never one to shy away from creative ideas, they placed a small sensor in front of a urinal, activated when a person steps in front of it. The track by WhoMadeWho is split in four parts, meaning the entire track is being rolled out when all urinals are being used at the same time! Watch it below.

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