PANES – Choice Errors (Original + Lee Gamble Remix)

PANES are a band from London. Together they make music that conveys the flux and displacement of a life set within the limits of a city, the interruption of leisure by necessity; and the blurring of days and nights.

The bands core members are Tyson McVey (daughter of Neneh Cherry), a singer and student at UCL; Shaun Savage, a recording engineer whose credits include artists such as Petite Noir, Fryars, Crystal Fighters, 2.54; and bassist Jamie Dodd.

Within their music there are nods to the contemporary leanings within RnB, rap, dance music and UK Bass culture as a whole. Yet these are treated like ghosts that dip in and out of a soundtrack that is aiming to convey a pace of life, a city and modern love far more dysfunctional and uncertain than most of us would like to admit.
Below, you can stream their debut single, Choice Errors, and also download for free PAN experimentalist Lee Gamble‘s haunting rework of the track.

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