WhoMadeWho – The Morning

The Copenhagen-based trio of WhoMadeWho have just unveiled ‘The Morning‘ via the bands webpage/iphone app. Serving as the lead single to their forthcoming ‘Dreams’ LP, which will be released on March 3, 2014, this marks the beginning of the next phase for the band as they delve into a more pop-focused sound on the new album. You can now stream ‘The Morning’ below. You can also check out the fan-created video for ‘The Morning’ on the band’s website which includes images tagged with #wmwthemorning.

With the coming album, the Copenhagen trio is taking it a step further, setting a goal to create an album that will challenge people’s perception of them as a niche act:

"We really don’t feel there are any good excuses for still thinking about our band as an underground act", says producer and band member Tomas Barfod. "It started to be too easy, always being able to hide yourself behind that label. And what is more challenging that making a strong pop album? No doubt it’s still WhoMadeWho; just our band as it sounds today."

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