Video: Nguzunguzu – Mecha

Below, you can watch Nguzunguzu‘s (real names: Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda) brand-new video for "Mecha," the grime-inflected lead track of LA duo’s recent Skycell EP for Fade to Mind. Director Jude MC and MOCAtv edited together clips from massive, blockbuster sci-fi and action films, such as Event Horizon, Prometheus, Battleship, Pacific Rim, The Matrix, and Transformers, among many others. More information regarding Jude MC’s video for "Mecha," as well as stills and animated GIFs from the piece, can be found here.

"By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the culture surrounding technological advancement and the mechanization of earth. Through time, we will see if life imitates art along the path of what is prophesied in these films, in the meantime they are certainly entertaining to watch."

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