EXCLUSIVE: Mini-Interview with Morcheeba

Some 18 years ago, the Godfrey brothers (DJ Paul Godfrey and multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey) recruited Skye Edwards as vocalist, during a chance meeting at a party in which both brothers were introduced to Edwards. This led to the formation of Morcheeba. Now, the multi-million-selling electronic music pioneers are back with their 8th album, ‘Head Up High,’ which releases worldwide through [PIAS] on the 14th October. ‘Gimme Your Love’ is the first single to be released from the band’s new album, an infectious synth-driven track which is lifted Skye-wards by a melting vocal and hooky chorus. Below, you can watch the Prano Bailey-Bond directed accompanying video, which portrays Skye in a dizzying kaleidoscope of technicolor, her ethereal beauty exemplified by the sensational floral backdrop and billowing silk gowns.

With anticipation for the official release of ‘Head Up High’, we caught up with Paul Godfrey to talk about the new album, their musical influences, and their future plans. Read our mini-interview and make sure to pre-order ‘Head Up High’ here: http://www.morcheeba.co.uk
Zac: "Head Up High" is your 8th album! What makes this record different from your older material? Have these new bass sounds and the so-called ‘post-dubstep’ productions influenced you?

Paul: Yes I’d say although this album has all the markings of a Morcheeba classic, it is different. We’ve used new grooves from other areas of electronic music where normally we stuck to Hip Hop rhythms. This album was created with the beats first which allowed us to write songs in new ways.

Zac: Your new album is more uptempo that your previous ones. Which is the ideal place to listen to it?

Paul: The record sounds great in the car on a sunny journey somewhere foreign.

Zac: The album plays hosts to a truly stellar mix of guest features. Do you write down a list of people you want to work with before you set out to do the album or do things just sort of ‘happen’? What about Ana Tijoux and Breaking Bad tv show.

Paul: Things just fell into place with the guests on this record. We were very happy to receive contributions from such talented people. I discovered "White Denim" on a blog and loved them so Ross made contact with James Petralli in L.A. I was already aware of most of the rappers we worked with but I was watching Breaking Bad and heard Ana Tijoux’s "1977". I flipped and realised we needed to work with her too.

Zac: The analogue elements and live instrumentation are evident on your new album. Did your methods of making music changed? 

Paul: We have always tried to find the perfect balance of organic and electronic sound which can be very challenging. With this record I had a pretty clear idea of how it would work and it came together nicely. Ross and Skye make my job as a producer very easy.

Zac: Do you like other producers remixing your songs? Will you release a remix album?

Paul: Sometimes remixes can be incredible but most of the time they are below average. If we get enough good ones maybe we could release a remix album…

Zac: What sort of music were you listening to when you made the album? 

Paul: Many different styles but mostly electronic, contemporary, bass heavy jams.

Zac: Music sales and media have changed so much since you first started. Do you read online press about yourself? How it feels about selling music online and how it feels about illegal music downloads?

I love the digital age as a consumer, we are very lucky to have been born at such a time. I miss the old record industry but I prefer living in the present.

Zac: Future plans and tours? Which is your favorite destination?

Paul: We always have a great time playing in Greece. Ross and I have spent many holidays there so it feels like home.

Zac: On December 14 you will play live in Athens. What should we expect?

Paul: We will be playing some new songs and some old ones with our favourite live musicians. The new tracks have really shaken things up so it will be exciting for all of us.

Thank you Paul Godfrey..

Morcheeba have confirmed the following shows in Europe this Autumn/Winter, with more worldwide dates to be announced in 2014.

Full European Live Dates:
24th Oct Roxy, Prague
26th Oct Den Atelier, Luxembourg
28th Oct Theaterfabrik, Munich
29th Oct Gibson, Frankfurt
30th Oct C-Club, Berlin
1st Nov Gruenspan, Hamburg
2nd Nov Kantine, Cologne
4th Nov Paradiso, Amsterdam
5th Nov Het Depot, Leuven
7th Nov Olympia, Paris
8th Nov Krakatoa, Bordeaux
9th Nov Bikini, Toulouse
10th Nov Theatre Du Moulin, Marseille
12th Nov La Rodia, Besancon
13th Nov Laiterie Club, Strasbourg
14th Nov Komplex 457, Zurich
15th Nov Thonex Live, Geneva
17th Nov Gorilla, Manchester
18th Nov ABC, Glasgow
19th Nov Forum, London
1st Dec Meo Arena, Lisbon
2nd Dec Porto Coliseum, Porto
3rd Dec But, Madrid
5th Dec Culture Factory, Girona
7th Dec WUK, Vienna
8th Dec Culture factory, Zagreb
10th Dec Durer Kert, Budapest
11th Dec Arenele Romane, Bucherest
13th Dec NDK Hall 3, Sofia
14th Dec Gargarin, Athens.

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