MARSHEAUX – Inhale [2013]

Four years after the release of “Lumineux Noir” and just one year after their collectable compilation “E-Bay Queen Is Dead”, Athens based electro-pop duo Marsheaux return with their fourth album. The girls, Marianthi and Sophie come back for a new bunch of modern electro pop songs that pump up the volume of the beats and build a bridge to connect the evergreen Giorgio Moroder and the eccentric Fever Ray of The Knife fame.

The tracks “Self Control” and “End Is A New Start” that open and close the album respectively, sound like strong electro pop epics. Between these two, Marsheaux pay tribute to italo-disco (“Secret Place”, the girls’ favourite track out of the album accodding to their interview in Electronic magazine), to beat music of the 60’s with a B-52’s element (“Inhale”), to pop music as crafted by Dubstar and their friend Sarah Blackwood (“To The End”), to Munich’s eurobeat scene that makes the sound style of such groups as the scandinavian duet Icona Pop, relevant (“Come On Now”) to the Pet Shop Boys of the new era (“Alone”), to the refreshing breakbeats(“Never Stop”), to the summer laziness like the one of Saint Etienne’s (“August Day”) and to the nirvana of a repetitive motif that transcends you with safety inside its whirlwind (“Over And Over”). The “Inhale” album has been released with one bonus cd with remixes from Echoes, Cicada, Metroland, Lacquer, Mark Reeder, Parralox and greek local artists Tareq, Rolla Scape and Niadoka.

In the last two years, Marsheaux were preparing their new album and made a guest appearance in Rolla Scape’s album (a project of well known and respective greek producer – songwriter K. Bhta) singing in the track “Heaven Is Real”. They also made a collaboration with the obscure electro pop 80’s act Twins Natalia for a split single that has been released by Anna Logue Records: Marsheaux cover Twin Natalia’s “When We Were Young” and Twin Natalia cover Marsheaux’s “Radial Emotion”.

 “We certainly don’t write them as standard pop songs. When we are working on a song, a sound, a noise , a melody gives us a hint about the path we are going to take each time, sometimes they are related to real experiences, sometimes to something we heard, we don’t have a standard procedure.

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