Kaito – Until The End Of Time [2013]

Hiroshi Watanabe is set to release his eighth album as Kaito via Kompakt on October 28. “Until The End Of Time” sees the Tokyo producer further explore his penchant for warm, trancey and organic electronica. The record features two tracks from the recent sampler 12-inch Behind My Life and eight new cuts. It’s the latest full-length to arrive in Kompakt’s 20th anniversary year, which has seen a string of compilation and album releases. Below, you can stream the stunning “Run Through The Road In The Fog” and “Behind My Life”.

01. Sky Is The Limit
02 I’m Leaving Home
03. Will To Live
04. Run Through The Road In The Fog
05. Behind My Life
06. Inner Space
07. Star Of Snow
08. Dear Friends
09. Until The End Of Time

10. Smile

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