Black Devil Disco Club – Black Moon White Sun [2013]

This autumn Bernard Fevre returns with ‘Black Moon, White Sun’ his 7th album as the Black Devil Disco Club. Following on from 2011’s ‘Circus’ that saw the Parisian producer act as ringmaster to an eclectic troupe of artists including Faris Badwan from Horrors, YACHT, Jon Spencer, Afrika Bambaataa, Nancy Sinatra and more, ‘Black Moon, White Sun’ sees Fevre return to his roots with an album of hypnotic electronic music and his most personal to date, 8 tracks of voodoo trance and alchemical disco.

“For Black Moon White Sun, I imagined myself in the skin of a shaman whose ceremony begins with the Sun Totem Dance, I allowed myself to express my primitive, feminine and animal natures. This is an invitation to join me on a journey that is disturbing, shocking and disconcerting but also more colorful than ever before, more generous, full of love, this is an invitation to a pagan festival.”

Guided by outside forces ‘Black Moon White Sun’ is Fevre’s most spontaneous album to date and the one that most embodies the man himself. No guests, no outsiders, no samples, no revival: just a man, his machines and the future right in front. Bernard Fevre is much more than just a legend of the past he is a pioneer of the music of tomorrow.

Complete with beautiful artwork from the award winning Non-Format design agency, ‘Black Moon, White Sun’ is a personal statement from one of electronic music’s most mysterious characters. Out via Lo Recordings on October 31. The album is preceded by a single ‘Maymallow’ released on September 9.

1. Sun Dance Totem
2. Bee Boop
3. T.hoo
4. Maymallow
5. Star Dot Com
6. The Kid In Mee
7. Three Notes
8. Mexo Mambo

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