Benjha – Palpitations

As you may recall, Benjha is the project of Nikos Vezanis, a talented up-and-coming Greek producer, now based in London. His Ataxia EP is slated for release on Nicolas Jaar‘s Clown & Sunsent imprint later this year. His latest release is “Palpitations”, out now via Blenheim & Celtic Recordings. Audio preview will be available soon.

“This track does not have a steady heartbeat, it is not lead by a steady pace of percussion. The
real leader here is mood–palpitations.”
On “Palpitations,” Nikos takes us on an unpredictable evocative journey from melancholia through boredom and resignation and then finally settling into simmering anxiety and discord. “I wrote this while settling in London, after leaving SF due to my visa expiration… Could be the frustration of having to start over in a new city for the second time in two years… or just the shitty London weather, which has been exceptionally shitty this year.”
He cites fLako as an inspiration for the track: “I was probably listening to a lot of fLako at the time, and was influenced by his classical instrumentation and how he lets the track ‘breath’, so to speak. There is no rush to keep the pace continuously elevating; you can have a pause or change of pace in the middle of the song.”

Vezanis paints with a palette of lush organic samples. Upon a bed of chaotic un-quantized percussion, he layers inter-locking plucked string melodies, staccato string stabs, and washed-out piano chords. Another factor that contributes to the distinctive texture of Benjha’s sound is his integration of field recordings–finger snaps, keychains, cutlery, bubble wrap, the blowing of the wind etc…

Below, you can stream/download his live set for a Silent Disco event in Bordeaux last month. Performed by himself and David Sampethai a.k.a. The Detective on the mic and guitar.


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